College is unlike high school. In high school, the lesson and homeworks are so much easier. In college, everything is harder. If you want to succeed college, you need to study more. To make studying easy, you need to have some notes. Sometimes the professor will talk very fast and you barely catch up, plus people in college are way to individualistic. So chances you’ll get some notes from your friends are pretty low. Taking notes need a good skill, because if you don’t even know what you’re writing, what’s the point?

As a college student, you want to take better notes to ease your studying. Here’s what you can do!

Prepare yourself before coming to class

Before you come to class, you have to at least know what you’re going to study. So you will have an idea of what the lesson would be and you will understand the concept of the lesson. After that, you have to be organized with your supplies. Bring a good amount of pens and pencils, bring highlighters, bring sticky notes, use a good quality notebooks, etc.

Pay attention to your lecturers

pay attention to your lecturers

To write better notes, you have to listen closely to your professor. Concentrating is key in order to take notes. After that, start by writing everything that you hear. Ask questions if you don’t understand.

Edit your notes and review

After you’re done writing everything, edit it. No matter what method you’re using–The Cornell Method, The Sentence Method, or The Mapping Method–as long as you understand what the lesson is, you’ll be okay. Just write with what you’re comfortable with. After that review it and make summary so you won’t forget about the lesson.

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