When you feeling down about how to run your business successfully, maybe you need some motivations to get up. Those motivations may come from your business mentor, family and friends, good quotes from the internet, and of course, some success stories from entrepreneurs all over the world.

A great success story can change your mood and give you inspirations to get up and be more productive. Want to see some?

Joe Coulombe

Have you ever heard about Trader Joe’s success story? Joe Coulombe first operated a small chain of convenience stores in southern California. After that, he had an idea for mobile college grads convenience store. Then he opened a tropical-themed market in Pasadena, stocked it with good booze and wine, and hired good people. He also added more locations near universities, then healthy foods, and that’s how Trader Joe’s got started.

John Ferolito and Don Vultaggio

This Brooklyn friend started a beer distributor out of the back on an old VW bus in 70s. Then two decades later, after seeing Snapple was doing well, they decided to try their hand at soft drinks and launched AriZona Green Tea. You see, AriZona teas are number 1 in America now.

Konosuke Matsushita

great success stories konosuke matsushita

Young Matsushita was a 23-year-old apprentice at the Osaka Electric Light Company with no formal education, came up with an improved light socket. Unfortunately his boss wasn’t interested so Matsushita start making samples in his basement. Long story short, he expanded with battery-powered bicycle lamps and other electronic products with his brand, Matsushita Electric. Now the company officially changed its name to Panasonic.

Those success stories are incredible if you can apply in your business life. But if you want to learn more about business and get the business degrees UK, just go visit the best university in Singapore. It has the best quality of business education from the experienced lecturers.


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